Do you have dream cast if it is decided to make Nightrunner film? Which actors do you want to play Alec and Seregil? :)
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Time to play the ‘Let’s Cast the Nightrunner Film’ game again!!!!

Lee Williams is my Seregil:

but I’m rather undecided on Alec.  Ed Speleers is in first place for me.

We actually discussed this a few months ago, so if you’d like, you can check out this page of our blog and see those suggestions!

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If the last anon is asking about the fanart you recently reblogged where Alec is drunk, that scene is from Casket of Souls.
The time Alec got date-raped was in Luck. The time he “blessed” all the troops was in Stalking. The time Seregil used him as an excuse to stay in a house they wanted to burgle was Casket.

You guys are on the ball.  Thanks again.

kemenios said:

Mika is Thero’s apprentice, isn’t he? The little kid from the end of Casket?

Whoops. Mystery solved!

Hey, can you please tell from which book is the scene where Alec is drunk?
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We’re sorry for taking so long to respond, Anon! We want to say that that scene is from Stalking Darkness.  Can anyone help us out?

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For those of you who haven’t checked Lynn’s LJ in a while, let’s just leave the link to the latest Shards of Time snippet right here because I really don’t even know what to say about it.

(except: who is Mika??)

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Found out a few weeks ago that the fourth book had been released in french. Of course I had to order it. So much pretty. The covers are…guh. I really need to sit down and read those to see how the translation is.

They’re so pretty!

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Here’s a bit of Nightrunners art! Had fun with the first one representing Seregil, and the second ones are scenes from the book; Alec getting drunk so that Seregil can burgle the house of their host.

Any tumblr user liking the Nightrunners books around here?

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I do a lot with characters’ sense of identity. I also like challenging stereotypes, gender roles, things like that. Give me a stereotype or a genre expectation and the first thing I want to do is stand it on its head. In the Nightrunner books I wanted to see if I could create a believable gay hero, one who wasn’t someone’s sidekick or a victim.
- Lynn Flewelling
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